Hey bloggers, guess what? I'm on a vacation.

Yeah, I'm in the northern United states for a change. I'm with my grandparents and todya is the last day I have on a computer for almost two weeks. But the upside to the is I get to go Up north. It's not actually called that, but my family always does.
It's a reserve thing we own. It has a lake and eight cabins, seven of which are ours. I usually stay in cabin three. Either three or six that is.
I love it up there. We go everywhere barefoot. Dirt paths, the beach, the park. It's really awesome. We're barefoot so lomng we forget what it's like to wear shoes. The bottoms of your feet get all leathery and padded from stepping on rocks and sticks. Then, when the trip is over you put on your shoes and it doesn't feel right.
The lake is beautiful, full of unwanted seaweed but beautiful. We go tubing and if you row to the other end of the lake, you can go through this canal that leads to another lake and you'll enter in the middle of the other lake. But there's a sandbar and there's only water up to your ankles, but you're still in the middle of the lake.
We have an ancient playground right next to our cabins. It's been deserted for years until we finally started playing there. It's so old that sometimes it's kind of creepy. But we love it anyways.
Then if you dirve a little bit down the road, (which requires wearing shoes) you get to a store called Rays, but we call it the mall of america as a joke. It's not really small, but not huge either.
At night you can stand outside and the lake will be as still as glass. Not one ripple in the water. Then you can go down and catch cray fish off the peir.
Well, I gotta go now, and I'm changing my ending. :)

                                                 --Your local Phyco, Twizler

Hey hey hey!
Hey peoples! I'm back! I'm sorry I was gone so long, I mean I was busy. What with honors testing, friends stressing and all. My sour skittle is here. (aka Micayla) She's asking me about a book called TTYL by Lauren Myricle. It's really good. She was so surprised when she found out it was in all texts because she lives to text, but hates reading. So I'm hoping she'll like this book, and discover the joys of reading. :) Yeah right.

Aside from Sour skittle's atrocious reading habits, she's a really good friend. She-but od course- calls me Twizler because I'm long, skinny, and bendable like a twizler. I call her sour skittle because she can be VERY sour and sour skittles get sweet after they're sour. :) So that's what the nick names are.

Though of course Austin and Gunner call me Cals. I call Austin *Sky-scraper. I call Gunner Harris. My friend Ashley's nickname is Ahey-don while Bethany's is Bethy-ann. Weird, right?

(*For the record, I call Austin Sky-scraper because he's 5'11 and still only 12)

Well, Skittle's nagging again, I gotta go, bye!!!


                                            -Callie aka Miss Independent ^_^


: s e c r e t s :
by `hellfirediva on deviantART

Look! It's Edward's cousin! (Team Jacob, lol) A stunning resemblance, don't you think?!

                                                           -Callie aka Miss Independent ^_^

Electives and other stuffs...
Okay, next year, I'll be in seventh grade. It's the very first year I've ever had to choose electives. It was kind of stressful trying to choose them, but I think I chose well.
First I had to decide whether I wanted semester electives or year-long. Both of my electives are year-long.
I chose art and theater. I like the idea of both of them, and they both have their perks and disadvantages.

Okay, I LOVELOVELOVE art! I'm great at sketching. Not so great when I add color, but good at sketching. The disadvantage? Well, I won't be able to sketch whatever I want and I won't always be sketching. But, I'm willing to leran new forms of art, and I'd like to learn to draw things other than people. ^^;

Well, I like to act stuff out all the time. I could have watched a movie and I'd re-act it later.(Or try, lol) The disadvantage? I'd have to be able to get over some stage fright I have and be more social than I am. I'm as willing to try this as I am the art course, but this one will be the hardest for me by far.

Anyway my grandma and two cousins are coming down this week. In fact, they should be here is six hours... My grandma is about... 50 years old which is weird cause my mom's 30. But she's bringing my cousins Gabby and Jacob down for the visit too. Gabby is about eight and Jacob's four.
I can't wait to see them. They live in Wisconsin so I don't see them often. It's not like I can just catch a bus there anytime I want. I think I'm going up there this summer though....

Speaking of this summer...
I'm not only going to Wisconsin, but Summer Camp. Camp Galilee or something like that. My friends tell me it's fun, but I don't want to go. I've been there before and it was fun enough, but I don't feel like going. I feel like staying home and being lazy.
My parents want me to go though, so I'm off to camp. :roll: I want to know why I can't just choose what I want to do this summer. It's not like I'm going to permanently become part of a couch.
But, oh well.

My writing is improving by the day! YAY! I've been writing and rewriting and revising some chapter which is why I've been taking a while to post.

*--Ella's Secret--*
I'm currently rewriting the next chapter, then I will revise it and most likely rewrite it again. :XD:

*--Give a little bit--*
Yes, I'm still writing this. I need some help on what to do next though. Anyone care to share some ideas?

I'm revising the next chapter, then I'll probably rewrite it too! There are only a few parts I'll rewrite though...

I'm only telling you about this one because some people are liking my practice story that I've been writing. But I'm still figuring out the next chapters plan, so be patient.

Well now. It's time for my weekly favorite songs!

10 The Reason- Hoobastank
9 lay- Tantric
8 Take my hand- Simple Plan
7 Never too late- Three days grace
6 Looking for Angels- Skillet
5 Rooftops- Lostprophets
4 Time of dying- Three days grace
3 Against the grain- Akon
2 45- Shinedown
1 Colors- crossfade

                                                        --Callie aka Miss Independent ^_^


Well now
So, I recently took an accelerated reading test on Twilight. It's 'mature' so the test in on a piece of paper instead so the computer. The librarian has to grade the tests herself and I took the test a good week ago. So my teacher asks me to go ask when she's going to get it graded. I ask the librarian and she says,

"Well! If it's a matter of how slow I am, maybe I'll just  stop handing out the tests!"

I went and told my teacher and she says, "And maybe that's exactly what she should do!"

Wow, right?

                                         --Callie aka Miss Independent ^_^


Okay. I hang out with the guys in my class, and they're like, my best friends ever! There's Gunner, Austin, and Garrett. Well the first two are like, I don't know. It seems like they're hitting on me because they're both just... okay, I can't explain it. But I know, I like them both and wouldn't mind either of them as a boyfriend. Help me choose?

First let's start with Gunner. My first encounter with his 'flirting' was in the LUNCH LINE! He was looking at the wall(he was standing in front of me) and he suddenly turns around and says, "You're amazing, you know that? I'll never be able to get mad at you because you're not like most girls." And then he turned back around and I just stood there like, 'OMJAF! Did that really happen?!'
So, now every day we have something called Eagle time. It's where the kids who aren't in band get free period to do whatever they want. (I usually draw) Well, Gunner always wants me next to him. We have long conversations all the time and I have a lot in common with him. 

Now we move onto Austin. The first time anything like 'flirting' happened, I had a boyfriend. He also had a girlfriend(which he still has but is trying to break up with). So anyways, We were walking back into the school after lunch outside and he pulls me aside and says, "You can do better than Bobby(My boyfriend at the time)." So I say, "If I can do better than Bobby, you can do better than Taylor." And he says, "Yeah, probably."
And ever since, he brushes the hair out of my face, he tries to make me laugh, and he even hugs a lot. (Which doesn't happen often at my school cause we're all 12 at the oldest) He's the exact opposite of me, but they say 'Opposites attract.'

So, who should I choose? Austin or Gunner?

                      --Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^

Twilight Movie review
Okay. This movie was pretty fast moving, but you have to figure it must have been hard to do. To get a better point of what they were working with, I listened to their commentary. Considering the odds(Most of them having to do with weather) I think this movie came out better than it could have. They had sudden weather changes for each scene, so it was difficult for them to film.

So, yes, the movie DID suck, but everyone expected it to anyway. Plus, I WILL defend all the actors and actresses if you have anything against them. It's not their fault their director had a hard movie to work with. The movie was, over all, (If you hadn't read the book) fascinating.

Okay, enough with the -Ahem- proper talk. I do like the movie, but I prefer the book. Who wouldn't? It was funny and somewhat `easy to endure. It turned out better than I expected anyways.

I watched the commentary as I said. It was actually quite entertaining. I learned a lot about the actors and actresses while watching it.

Like, in the Cullen's kitchen scene. Did anyone notice how Rosalie was wearing gloves? That's because the bowl wasn't rigged to break with small amounts of pressure. She actually had to break it! The first time they shot the scene, she wasn't wearing gloves, and the bowl cut up her hands. So, the director gave her gloves to keep her safe and hide the cuts.

I also learned that all the Cullen's had to learn to play baseball. The girl who plays Alice, she learned to pitch in three days. The only one who actually knew anything about playing baseball was the boy who played Jasper. That's why he could do all those cool stunts with his bat.

Well, as entertained as you are with me telling you every detail of the commentary-insert sarcasm here- I think I might want to stop and let you go watch for yourselves.

                                  --Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^


Writer's Block: Set Sail
Spike and Angel, President Roslin and Gaius Baltar, Harry and Hermione—shippers often find pairings that the original author might have overlooked. What coupling of fictional characters would you most like to see?
I can easily see Iggy and Max or Iggy and Nudge from Maximum Ride. Zuko and Katara from Avatar. Jacob and Leah from Breaking Dawn(Twilight series). Luna and Nevil from Harry Potter. Or even something as drastic as Luna and Draco. o.O Strange, right?  But, I AM weird! lol. Thanks!

                                           --Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^

Maximum Ride: The Angel experiment review
Hi. I'm here to review Maximum Ride; The Angel experiment by James Patterson. This is the first book in the Maximum Ride series, which is a series for Young Adults. (Or KIDS TOO!)

Anyway, this is a very well written, well thought out story. I personally think it has a brilliant beginning, but I do believe that for some people, it starts out a little too fast. It just plunges you into a completely unfathomable world of kids with wings, otherwise known as avian-American hybrids.

The main character, Max(The leader of the bird kids) is witty, maternal, and dangerous. She has unparalleled senses and is and unimaginably good leader to her 'flock'.

This book has a bit of everything. Adventure, mystery, even a bit of romance!

I think anyone from the age ten and up would LOVE this fun adventure.


GOD! I hate being all professional! Okay, bottom line. THE BOOK ROCKS YOUR SOCKS! So go read it,now! :P


                                 --Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^

Hi! I'm back! *surprise surprise* No seriously, that's a BIG surprise! I usually take one look at a site that's not dA or YouTube, and never come back. So I have useless accounts on Facebook, Tagged, ect...

Anyways, so I've been working on my new stories and old too. I'm working on Ella's Secret, Give a little bit, my Maximum Ride one shot song fan fictions, Wolves, and my practice story! So that's all together about five different stories I'm trying to plot and get straight in my head!

If anyone does want requests for a fan fiction, just ask me and I'll make it, but you'll have to view it on dA cause I'm too lazy to post it in a journal on here. Sound fair? If it doesn't, too bad! XD

In other news, I met one of my dA friends on here. Her name is something I can't remember in Spanish. :D (At least I remembered it was Spanish XD) Her dA user name is Summersea. (Her Spanish user name means Summerrain) And just a shout out to her, I'll probably be calling you Summersea or summerrain. Or how about just summer? AHHH! I feel dizzy... Thanks Summer!

Next up I'd like to discuss my user name on here. As you all know, It's Twizler12234. The 'Twizler' part signafies my bendiness and skinny-ness. Lol. My friends gave me that nickname. BLAME KYRA! She's to blame for this nickname madness! *Hangs head in shame of having such a weird nickname* I'm SO sorry for what you must listen to. :( XD The numbers at the end are just random numbers that I chose. Joy. It's something else for me to have to remember.

And tell me, who on here forgot their password RIGHT AFTER signing out of their new account on here? *Raises hand* I DID! *Face palm plz* Idiot idiot idiot! The little ...... (Bleeped out for saftey purposes) at the end of my password bugs me! Cause I'm used to typing .......... just plain! Anyone here feel the same way?

Lol, soooooorrrryyyyyy! I was venting again.... Anyone else do that randomly in their journals cause they forget other peoples are gonna read'em? Apparently I do that too. XD. And if you're wondering what 'XD' means, it's just a smiley like this- :)- except it's laughing. XD I'm a dork. I know CYBER TALK! But in the dorky way!

I mean, I can name 50 plz accounts(forms of emotes from dA) off the top of my head! I can name more emotes than that too! It's ridiculous.... lol, I think I might be obsessed with dA. I've only mentioned it fifty times which must be getting really old for you. It's my life though... I like LIVE on there. But hey, I told THEM about YOU, so we're even.

I must be embarassing(SP?) you Summer! Soooooorrrrrrrrryyyyy! I'll do an extra special one shot with TONS of faxness in it for you! I promise. And, if you want, I'll even post it on here! Sound good? YAY! 

Wells, I'll go now and stop bugging the crap outta you peoples. Bye!

                                            -- Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^


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