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Maximum Ride: The Angel experiment review
Hi. I'm here to review Maximum Ride; The Angel experiment by James Patterson. This is the first book in the Maximum Ride series, which is a series for Young Adults. (Or KIDS TOO!)

Anyway, this is a very well written, well thought out story. I personally think it has a brilliant beginning, but I do believe that for some people, it starts out a little too fast. It just plunges you into a completely unfathomable world of kids with wings, otherwise known as avian-American hybrids.

The main character, Max(The leader of the bird kids) is witty, maternal, and dangerous. She has unparalleled senses and is and unimaginably good leader to her 'flock'.

This book has a bit of everything. Adventure, mystery, even a bit of romance!

I think anyone from the age ten and up would LOVE this fun adventure.


GOD! I hate being all professional! Okay, bottom line. THE BOOK ROCKS YOUR SOCKS! So go read it,now! :P


                                 --Callie aka Miss. Independent ^_^


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