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Electives and other stuffs...
Okay, next year, I'll be in seventh grade. It's the very first year I've ever had to choose electives. It was kind of stressful trying to choose them, but I think I chose well.
First I had to decide whether I wanted semester electives or year-long. Both of my electives are year-long.
I chose art and theater. I like the idea of both of them, and they both have their perks and disadvantages.

Okay, I LOVELOVELOVE art! I'm great at sketching. Not so great when I add color, but good at sketching. The disadvantage? Well, I won't be able to sketch whatever I want and I won't always be sketching. But, I'm willing to leran new forms of art, and I'd like to learn to draw things other than people. ^^;

Well, I like to act stuff out all the time. I could have watched a movie and I'd re-act it later.(Or try, lol) The disadvantage? I'd have to be able to get over some stage fright I have and be more social than I am. I'm as willing to try this as I am the art course, but this one will be the hardest for me by far.

Anyway my grandma and two cousins are coming down this week. In fact, they should be here is six hours... My grandma is about... 50 years old which is weird cause my mom's 30. But she's bringing my cousins Gabby and Jacob down for the visit too. Gabby is about eight and Jacob's four.
I can't wait to see them. They live in Wisconsin so I don't see them often. It's not like I can just catch a bus there anytime I want. I think I'm going up there this summer though....

Speaking of this summer...
I'm not only going to Wisconsin, but Summer Camp. Camp Galilee or something like that. My friends tell me it's fun, but I don't want to go. I've been there before and it was fun enough, but I don't feel like going. I feel like staying home and being lazy.
My parents want me to go though, so I'm off to camp. :roll: I want to know why I can't just choose what I want to do this summer. It's not like I'm going to permanently become part of a couch.
But, oh well.

My writing is improving by the day! YAY! I've been writing and rewriting and revising some chapter which is why I've been taking a while to post.

*--Ella's Secret--*
I'm currently rewriting the next chapter, then I will revise it and most likely rewrite it again. :XD:

*--Give a little bit--*
Yes, I'm still writing this. I need some help on what to do next though. Anyone care to share some ideas?

I'm revising the next chapter, then I'll probably rewrite it too! There are only a few parts I'll rewrite though...

I'm only telling you about this one because some people are liking my practice story that I've been writing. But I'm still figuring out the next chapters plan, so be patient.

Well now. It's time for my weekly favorite songs!

10 The Reason- Hoobastank
9 lay- Tantric
8 Take my hand- Simple Plan
7 Never too late- Three days grace
6 Looking for Angels- Skillet
5 Rooftops- Lostprophets
4 Time of dying- Three days grace
3 Against the grain- Akon
2 45- Shinedown
1 Colors- crossfade

                                                        --Callie aka Miss Independent ^_^



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