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Hey bloggers, guess what? I'm on a vacation.

Yeah, I'm in the northern United states for a change. I'm with my grandparents and todya is the last day I have on a computer for almost two weeks. But the upside to the is I get to go Up north. It's not actually called that, but my family always does.
It's a reserve thing we own. It has a lake and eight cabins, seven of which are ours. I usually stay in cabin three. Either three or six that is.
I love it up there. We go everywhere barefoot. Dirt paths, the beach, the park. It's really awesome. We're barefoot so lomng we forget what it's like to wear shoes. The bottoms of your feet get all leathery and padded from stepping on rocks and sticks. Then, when the trip is over you put on your shoes and it doesn't feel right.
The lake is beautiful, full of unwanted seaweed but beautiful. We go tubing and if you row to the other end of the lake, you can go through this canal that leads to another lake and you'll enter in the middle of the other lake. But there's a sandbar and there's only water up to your ankles, but you're still in the middle of the lake.
We have an ancient playground right next to our cabins. It's been deserted for years until we finally started playing there. It's so old that sometimes it's kind of creepy. But we love it anyways.
Then if you dirve a little bit down the road, (which requires wearing shoes) you get to a store called Rays, but we call it the mall of america as a joke. It's not really small, but not huge either.
At night you can stand outside and the lake will be as still as glass. Not one ripple in the water. Then you can go down and catch cray fish off the peir.
Well, I gotta go now, and I'm changing my ending. :)

                                                 --Your local Phyco, Twizler


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